I have been away for the past few weeks having the time of my life on holidays in America.
When I was booking our accomodation, one of the top “must haves” at each hotel was a gym so I could still workout during our holiday (other than the copious amounts of hiking we had planned)…

Did I workout in any of these gyms? Nope! According to my Garmin though, we have walked almost 302 kilometers over the course of our trip.

I also planned to keep our nutrition in check while on holidays… Did this happen? Nope! Hello, America! Everything is super-sized and they serve fries with everything haha!

Am I regretting the workouts I didn’t do?
Am I regretting ALL the yummy food I ate?

Heck no! It was a holiday! Holiday’s are meant to be enjoyed!

Where I could, healthier options were made when choosing my meals however my body is definitely feeling the oils, fats and sodium that it isn’t used to.

As I “reset” my body I thought I’d share my top tips with you all.

These tips don’t apply to just holidays though, these are tips to get back on track at any time!

5 Tips to Get Back on Track After Holidays:
  1. Ditch the scales – Someone said to me “did you weigh yourself before you left and then when you got back?” The answer is NO! I am more than just a number on the scale. The thing is, if you feel sluggish and/or bloated, then you know it. The scale is only going to tell you the same thing but will more than likely put you in a bad mood and maybe even make your mindset spiral out of control and send you into a binge. You know how you feel and how your jeans fit coming into winter, weighing yourself only to find out you’ve “gained” a few extra kilo’s on holiday is of NO benefit. Speaking of which, most of the “weight” you gain on holiday is generally in the form of water weight.
  2. Don’t Beat Yourself Up – You don’t need to get back from holidays and “work off” what you ate. Again, it was a HOLIDAY and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment! You don’t need to smash yourself with a two-hour cardio session. You don’t need to mentally abuse yourself with negative thoughts about how you should have done things differently. There is absolutely nothing positive that will come from thinking so negatively.
  3. Increase Water – Decrease Alcohol – Drink more water when you return from your trip. I made sure I continued to drink plenty of water while I was on holiday too, especially hiking lots of canyons and national parks. If water isn’t quite making more of an appearance, try adding some lemon, mint and cucumber to your water for a different twist on just plain water. Be sure to limit or avoid juices and soft-drinks. I’d say avoid alcohol too, but #mumlife trumps this so just really limit the amount you are consuming each week.
  4. Just Eat Real Food – I think you all know I am not a major fan of juice cleanses or crazy restrictive detoxes, so try and aim for eating real, whole foods as quickly as possible. Don’t continue the “I am on holidays” mentality with your food choices. Although prepping food might be the last thing you want to do, your body will thank you for it!
  5. Jump Straight into Your Workouts – Now is a great time to start a new workout regime or pick up where you left off on your previous workout schedule. Coming along to a class (or kicking butt in your home with our online program 😉 ) with a clear direction and set goal will help you get back into the habit and reaching your goals much faster. We have 20 classes on offer and cater to ALL fitness levels. We even offer FREE childminding 🙂
If you are waiting for the “right time” to get back on track, the time is NOW! Imagine what you can achieve and where you could be in 3 months time if you just take a leap and START NOW!

Carly  x