Now while everything’s good in moderation, sometimes a day, or night, or weekend of temptation means going overboard (YOLO!).

Here are some tips to get yourself back on track when you’re coming down from that sugar rush:

1. Drink more water: Make water consumption a priority today. Not only will it help flush out all those indulgent moments from last night, but it’ll give you more energy to tackle the day.

2. Break that sugar addiction: Eating a lot of sugar will only make you crave it more, so your night of fun-sized treats may be leading to mindless reaching for yours kids lolly stash for the rest of the week. Try opt for fresh fruits and veggies today instead.

3. Fight fatigue: Coming down from that sugar high still? To make sure you don’t feel tired all day, and rather than downing a cup of coffee, options like lean protein and whole grains will help to fight fatigue and offer a much-needed boost. Make a point to go to sleep early tonight too! You may benefit from recovery sleep so you don’t feel overly tired for the rest of the week.

4. Eat nourishing foods: I’ve mentioned it above, can you see a pattern here? 😜You’ve had enough of the processed stuff — now it’s time to eat real food. Start with a super nutrient packed smoothie, opt for a leafy green salad for lunch. Eating a produce-rich meal plan will help your body crave the good instead of all the bad.

5. Move more: Get your metabolism going and sweat out all the sugars with a high intensity workout; if you can’t bear the thought of exercise, at least go for a walk to get things moving.

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