Sadly, in todays society, we can’t help but link weight loss with health.

But it’s just not the case.

The truth is you can lose weight without being healthy, and you can be healthy without losing lots of weight.

So in case you are pinning all your hopes and dreams on the next fad diet, here are some reasons to look at the bigger picture and focus on your overall health, not just the scales.

1. Focus on your SHORT term vs. LONG term goals

Generally, weight loss is about reaching a goal weight; which suggests a short-term goal. Once you’ve achieved your goal weight, you can relax a little and hopefully manage to maintain that weight.

However, on the other hand, if your focus is on being healthy, you now have a long-term, if not lifelong goal. Being healthy means MORE than just losing weight. It’s a complete view of lifestyle changes. It could be anything from giving up the ciggies, reducing your alcohol intake, exercising more regularly, to drinking more water, going to bed earlier and making healthier choices with your food.

2. Losing weight doesn’t always equal health

How many times have you read about the latest celebrity diet in your newsfeed? There are soooooo many bullshit diets it’s hard to know which one to choose. Most bullshit diets only focus on reducing weight while eliminating much-needed nutrients found in certain food that our bodies NEED.

Truth be known is that we need a certain amount of carbs and sugar to have our bodies perform at their optimum level. Any diet that is very restrictive and excludes too many foods is not healthy. You can recognise a bullshit diet by its marketing; such as losing a certain amount of weight each week, especially if it excludes exercise. Pay careful attention if certain food groups are eliminated, as this could have unwanted side effects.

3. There can be other reasons for weight gain

You can gain weight for a variety of reasons, hence why it shouldn’t be the only measurement you look at.

For example, when you do more exercise, particularly resistance training you will build more muscle. When you build muscle and you lose fat, so the scales may tell you that you haven’t lost weight, or maybe that you’ve put on weight. But when you look at it this way, it isn’t a gain of fat; it is a gain of muscle. If you were looking only at the scales and not your level of fitness, you would be easily discouraged by the number despite making significant progress with your overall health.

There can also be other reasons for gaining weight from medical issues and side effects to medical treatments, to a rise in stress and lack of sleep that can put your body out of balance. By focusing on weight loss would only be treating a symptom, not the underlying cause.

4. When you focus on health, you naturally lose weight

By taking good care of your body, watching what you eat and changing unhealthy lifestyle habits, you will lose weight as a consequence.

With a focus on health as your long-term goal, all you need to do is start to make small gradual changes. Start by eliminating foods that aren’t good for you and increase the ones that are. Reduce portion sizes, and increase exercise. Drink more water and go to bed a little earlier. Don’t forget to build in time for relaxation too! By doing so, you and everyone around you will start to see a big difference!

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