There’s this crazy perception that to “lose weight” or “be ‘skinny’, healthy, and fit”, you have to stick to some ultra hectic routine;

  • You have to workout 6 times a week, and for a crazy 2 hours sweating from machine to machine on the gym floor!
  • You have to track Every, Single, Calorie you consume, possibly even the ones you breathe too!
  • You have to grocery shop on Saturdays and meal prep on Sundays!
  • Egg Whites in your protein shake for breakfast, Chicken and Broccoli for lunch, Chicken and brown rice for dinner

There are plenty of people out there that this can totally, and legitimately work for, but if you’re a super busy mum who is constantly chasing her tail (my hand is raised), not to mention a house full of fussy eaters (both my hands are raised), then this kind of routine just seems OTT and too hard to stick to! Not to mention, you aren’t seeing any results whatsoever!

I have tried tracking my calories, counting my macros and adhering to super strict “diets” but I was the grumpiest person to be around. Why is everyone else enjoying their wine, cheese and crackers and I’m here in the corner nibbling on my carrot sticks! Not to mention, the counting calories part became obsessive and I just wasn’t enjoying my food! After my 2nd child, I decided to change the way I looked at my health and quickly became a firm believer in ‘everything in moderation’ by changing habits one step at a time.

I have created a 12 week challenge for my clients to help them make smaller, gradual changes. With these healthy habits, they are achieving maintainable, sustainable long term results.

Here is my top 5 Low-Key ways you can create healthy habits that work;

1. Drink more water!

We all know that water is essential to our health. Most of us are extremely dehydrated, causing fatigue, allowing toxins to build up & generally putting our bodies under stress. Try one of these awesome free apps to assist you: iDrated, Waterlogged, myfitnesspal

2 Go the EXTRA distance!

You know, the extra kilometre that you never want to endure? Yeah – that one. It’s time to park as far away from any entrance to daycare, Woolworths, your local shopping centre, and anywhere else you visit throughout your week – every day (without compromising safety, of course).

3. Ditch the lift (or escalator) for the stairs!

By increasing your cardio exercise daily, you are not only going to burn fat and lose weight, but you’ll better condition your heart, joints, bones, lungs and leg muscles, enjoy better moods, have more energy, slow your ageing, and you’ll become much more motivated throughout the week. Oh and GLUTES!! Stairs build a booty (insert peach emoji ;))

4. Everything in Moderation… 80/20 Rule.

I completely agree that you need to be eating the foods your body truly needs; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein – 80% of the time. Think of your body like your car. If you put regular unleaded in a premium unleaded car, it’s not going to function to its full potential. The less-healthy foods you love; donuts, freshly baked cookies, crispy french fries, chocolate &  pizza are fine to eat, but should only account for 10 to 20 percent of your overall diet.

5. Move your body.

Everyone knows about exercise and endorphins. Even if its 15 minutes… It takes 15 minutes to cool down after a hot yoga class, 15 minutes (most times longer) deciding what the eff to cook for dinner, and it certainly can take 15 minutes or longer to decide on the caption for your latest Instagram post! Here’s another to add to that list: a workout that will actually help transform your body.

So there you have it. My top 5 low-key ways to create healthier habits! These smaller, gradual changes will help you sustain and maintain long term healthy habits, and soon enough, these simple adjustments will help you create your new routine without all the stress. You’ll feel healthier, happier and stronger!