The “perfect body” is a lie. I believed in it for a long time, and I let it shape my life. Don’t let fiction tell you what to do.

A lot of women get obsessed with the belief that one body type is ideal and that others are simply just not good enough. The fashion industry, the “fitspo” social media accounts and the magazines contribute to this, but so do we. When we call another woman ‘fat’ or when we “nicely” skinny-shame our friends; when we hate on our bodies for their normal curves, or when we pick ourselves apart in the mirror and turn to unhealthy control methods.

But once we stop and embrace the body we have, we can start seeing it for what it really is — a beautiful, diverse, amazing, resilient creation.

Everyone has a belly after they eat or are bloated. It’s completely normal! If you have a food baby, you’re definitely not alone.

Our bodies are amazingly capable of withstanding great pain and change – hello labour & child birth! Plenty of women get stretch marks and saggy titties! You don’t have to have carried a child to get either. And that’s OK! Perfection by means of a flat tummy is a lot LESS important than the beauty gained by becoming a mumma.

Every woman is capable of being beautiful wherever she is, the beach, her wedding, that social event of the year! Women who can embrace their bodies with upmost confidence can work against the damage done to society. When we regularly see women of all body sizes, it normalises every body type.

What we see online or in magazines doesn’t always reflect the truth. You will see “perfection” but what you don’t know is that there’s a real story behind it. Remember you are beautiful as YOU ARE – the girl on Insta or the front cover of that magazine doesn’t even look like the girl on Insta or the front cover of that magazine.

Fit does NOT equal “skinny” and size certainly is NOT an indicator of beauty or health!

Only compare yourself with who you were yesterday 💜 I’m far from perfect but I love who I am.