What is Glute Activation you ask? Glute activation is a series of warm-up exercises to properly strengthen the muscles in your butt, which helps to boost your ability to perform everything from squats to jumps and sprints. 

Glute activation is different from just performing lower body exercises. Even though you’re doing squats and bridges, if you’re not familiar with “turning on” or using your glutes correctly, you’ll unconsciously place stress and tension on surrounding muscles, like those in the legs and your lower back.

The main aim with glute activation exercises is to train your glutes to fire-up throughout all of your lower body exercises, so the muscles become stronger and act as a support system for your core and legs.

So…. Why is Glute Activation important? I bet you’re thinking, “butt (pun intended ) I ALWAYS incorporate squats into my workouts… isn’t that activating my glutes?”

Unfortunately no.  Most women fail to activate their glutes correctly, if at all. Women with “sleepy” or “lax” glutes can blame their desk jobs (all day sitting) or all those ‘Netflix and chill’ marathons for de-activating the muscles in their booty. Not much of a sit-still type of gal? Then you may have other tight muscles pulling your hips out of place, misaligning the glute muscle and resulting in the inability to activate your glutes properly. When your hip flexors tighten, they pull our upper body and shoulders forward. In turn, this sets us up for a nasty blend of low back and neck pain, and possibly even sciatica pain due to pinched nerves around the hips and glutes.

Ok, so how do I activate my glutes so they are tighter and firmer?

I have recently started adding these 3 exercises to my weekly routine and WOW do I feel the booty burn! Give them a try and let me know how you go!

To warm-up your booty and prepare it for the bigger exercises you plan to do, try these three bodyweight exercises:

  • Single leg bodyweight deadlifts: 12 reps each side for 2-3 sets (no rest).

  • Lying hip extensions or weighted glute bridges

  • A super set of sumo squats and donkey kicks. Oooh double burn!

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